Dog Daycare

Our aim is simple, to give the dogs in our care the best exercise, fun, socialisation and environment we can. Our centre provides safe and secure surroundings for your dog to play, relax, explore, and socialise for a minimum of 5 hours a day.  We do offer part days by arrangement,  or just drop in have coffee etc while your dog gets lots of exercise. Collection and delivery is available subject to location.


We are happy to take any breeds, shapes sizes and ages , as you can see from our gallery currently we have dogs from 10 weeks to 15 years old.  We are eager to take dogs that have any problems or issue’s as these are the most rewarding to work with, see our 1-2-1 training page for full details. We have all been surprised at how dogs that arrive with sometimes years of issues incl’ dog aggression and anxiety, can become happy and balanced dogs purely by the pack enviroment we have, almost as if it allows them to reconect back to their natural state as a pack animal.


K9 Heaven is an all weather indoor and out door facility, this provides plenty of space to seperate dogs if required, to work to rehabilitate dogs with behavior issues.  We also allow young pupies and older dogs time to relax and not over work themselves. With sofas and dog beds all around it is easy for them to chil out.  Outdoors we have splash pools, the dogs love these, tractor tyres to jump around on, and tunnels to give shade and fun.